Stop Motion Animation: PUDDLE

Woah! What’s this? A whole world in the puddle of my backyard?

This is a short animation I made last year. It was for a school assignment but was entered into Screen It – Australia’s national film/animation/game making competition for school age students.

To my delight, I was fortunate enough to be considered a finalist but unfortunately didn’t win the competition. However, Screen It has decided to screen a few of the finalists on ABC3. (Australia only) So if you’re around this Friday (30th June 2017) at 10:40am, it would please me so much if you watched it live on tv~!

For more details about the other finalist that are screened take a look here.
To see the winners and other finalist’s films, check out ACMI’s youtube here.

Happy Lunar New Year~

This quirky little story is about Harumi’s mysterious egg. Of course she just wants her Piyo-kun but what are all these strange animals coming out of the eggs?
The animals before chicken in the Chinese Zodiac of course!

Please enjoy this New Year animation!
Happy New Year and Lunar New Year!


Haruko-chan and Shika-chan


Hi hi~

These two apple lovers are the best of friends. And no one could doubt that for a second!
They have a tendency to copy each other . . . without meaning to of course!


La la la. Shika-chan and I are going to a party… I wonder what she’s wearing


Oops! We were supposed to wear different things. Let’s try again.


Ah? Same again?




Haha. Oh well, this will do~


Watashi tachi wa ringo ga daisuki desu~ (We love apples~)

Do you want to know how these two met? Here is a stop motion video of the time they first met.
(P.S. Sorry the sound is a little bad. I didn’t know much about audio when I made this. Hee hee)

(P.P.S. I actually entered this into the ‘Video Matsuri‘  film competition (in Australia) but unfortunately I didn’t win. I hope you enjoy it anyway!~)