Haruko-chan and Shika-chan


Hi hi~

These two apple lovers are the best of friends. And no one could doubt that for a second!
They have a tendency to copy each other . . . without meaning to of course!


La la la. Shika-chan and I are going to a party… I wonder what she’s wearing


Oops! We were supposed to wear different things. Let’s try again.


Ah? Same again?




Haha. Oh well, this will do~


Watashi tachi wa ringo ga daisuki desu~ (We love apples~)

Do you want to know how these two met? Here is a stop motion video of the time they first met.
(P.S. Sorry the sound is a little bad. I didn’t know much about audio when I made this. Hee hee)

(P.P.S. I actually entered this into the ‘Video Matsuri‘  film competition (in Australia) but unfortunately I didn’t win. I hope you enjoy it anyway!~)

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