2nd Year Anniversary


We’re ready when you’re ready Kinoko-chan!


Kinoko-chan: Whoa, how do you work this thing? Wait I’ll just put it here…


Hello everyone, today is our 2nd year anniversary at Sunshine Amigurumi


Yes, and we’re worried because our creator hasn’t posted anything on the site for a while…


Not a word since January!


And I don’t know about you, but it’s been too quiet for way too long!



Sunni-chan: Hey, don’t be too hard on her, she’s probably really busy….


Well anyway, we want to wish ourselves a happy 2nd year anniversary. So…


Happy 2nd Year Anniversary

Merry Christmas Eve!


Ooh~ It’s Christmas Eve at last! And tomorrow’s Christmas Day!


Huh? Where are all the presents?


Look, here comes Santa-chan

Santa-chan is the Sunshine Forest’s resident Santa. She can’t be bothered sneaking around at night to give out presents so she does it during the day on Christmas Eve… Except it’s not really an ‘eve’ any more is it? So now the inhabitants of the Sunshine Forest have to wait a whole day, staring and waiting to open their presents.  What self control!


This one is for you Kinoko-chan


And this one is for you Sunni-chan


I guess now, the wait begins…


Merry Christmas Eve everyone!

1 Year Blog Anniversary


HOORAY! Sunshine Amigurumi is turning one!

It has been a whole year since Sunshine Amigurumi made its appearance on the blogosphere. Wow, the time really flies, doesn’t it?

I want to thank you for being patient with me and hanging through all this time. I know that I’m a little slow at updating posts but I am trying my best. Also, thank you for bearing with me through social media. Sometimes I forget about it and remember a day late…sorry. (Luckily, WordPress handles a lot of that for me. Heh heh…)

At the moment I have eighteen individual characters and two free patterns. Hopefully, I can bring you more cute and quirky characters and stories in the near future. There is an abundance of characters who can’t wait to tell their story to you, and an abundance of character still wanting to be made.

Sunshine Amigurumi has also changed a lot in the past year, we even had a domain change! So I just want to thank everyone for following the Sunshine Forest around the web to continue the story of Kinoko-chan, Sunni-chan and the rest of the Sunshine Forest.

Thank you so much.

Children’s Day

Children’s Day (sometimes called Boy’s day) is celebrated on the 5th of May. It is a day where families celebrate the growth and happiness of children. So you would understand why Kinoko-chan and Sunni-chan are so happy right?

Kinoko-chan: What's with these fish and the hats? Sunni-chan: Because its Children's day today!

Kinoko-chan: What’s with these fish and the hats?
Sunni-chan: Because its Children’s day today!

Happy Children's Day everybody!

Happy Children’s Day everybody!

You can make the samurai helmets here as well as the koinobori (carp streamers) here to celebrate children’s day as well!